Hello girls, today’s post is all I want to dedicate to the shoe of its own kind. Every one of us love to have different style and kinds of shoes and yet to make sure if you ever bought these gorgeous kitten heels. If yes, then I hope you never ignored this beauty and instead of just resting them in your shoe rack its better to take them out at various places and jaunts. Keeping that in my mind and after watching them in my shoe shelf makes me realise to write something about these beautiful pointy kitten heels.

These heels are not new to fashion and were an amazing fashion trend around 50’s as they are now. But I noticed that these gorgeous kitten heels are mostly restricted to specific occasions. And to break this habit I am writing this post to create an interest in this beautiful shoe which we should try more often.

Black zara-kitten-heels

These pretty heels are short, slender heel which is 1.5 inches to 1.75 inches high, with a slight curve setting the heel from the back curve of the shoe.

Tiger’s head embellished kitten heels from gucci by

This style was first popularised by Audrey Hepburn. Kitten heels were introduced  in the late 1950. They were sometimes referred to as “trainer heels” in the US. In the early 1960s, they became extremely fashionable for older teenagers and women of all ages. However it re-emerged in 1980s along with wedge heels. But then by 2003 the innovation of various kind of heels led kitten heels to develop more.

Valentine Black Ankle Strap Vegan Kitten Heels from

Whenever you want to sport the retro glam look your kitten heels are your best buddies. Kitten heels were never on top of the fashionista’s list , as I also keep them low profile due to massive craze for high heels, I do have couple of these little wonders but they rarely see sunlight, so guys we should wear these heels more often as these are very comfortable, and versatile heels which takes the chic step forward and of course far better than your towering heels when comes to the comfort walk. If you are going to be a new bride this is going to be the best choice to walk the aisle(if you look for the comfort).

Kitten-heel for brides from

You can start by black kitten heels which goes almost with every look. If you are living in warm weather better go for open-toed sling back kitten heels and kitten heel boots for colder climates. Also for the spring season you can opt for floral prints which looks absolutely incredible. For a corporate look go for less flashy and more conservative shoes but for a night out go for more audacious style.

Tiffani Kitten-Heel Slingback Pumps from macy

This vintage yet stylish shoe can be easily spotted on the celebs like Theresa May and Michelle Obama, as they made kitten heels almost famous by effortlessly attending events in these little wonders as these are best for any formal engagements.

Michelle Obama flaunting kitten heels

So girls embrace your charm and go for the retro glam by opting this 50s shoe.

Style Cap: If never tried; better start off with black kitten heels or go for any neutral shade, for more dramatic look go matchy- matchy with your outfit with them.






Today’s blog post is all about how to create beauty along sensual make up and without ending up looking too extra. Keeping one thing in mind and that is; how to be elegant yet creating sultry makeup do, it is going to be absolutely beauty conscious ‘do’ my dear people. So brighten up your evenings by adding little smokey brown eyes, a natural sun kissed glow and a dark hued lips. So I am cracking down here the whole look step by step in order to create your own and give life to your mundane beauty looks.


What Do We Need

Cleanser, moisturiser, hydrating serum, primer, foundation, concealer, loose powder, highlighter, peach powder blush, brown eyeshadow, dark brown eyeshadow, mascara, silver highlighter, lip balm, marsala lipstick in matte.

How Do We Do Face

1) Cleanse , tone and moisturise your skin for the flawless base. For a fresh dewy look use a hydrating serum.

Cleanser from

Face moisturiser from aveeno

Hydrating serum from

2) Apply primer to keep things in place followed by a foundation closest to your skin.

Hangover face primer from

Foundation matching your skin from anastasia beverly hills(

3) Dab on some concealer to hide imperfections and set the base with loose powder .

Loose powder by Nars


How Do We Do Cheeks
1) Dab on some highlighter for au naturel’glow.

Highlighter from

2) Apply peach powder blush on the apple of your cheeks.

Peach powder blush from


3) For naturally flushed look blend it well.


How Do We Do Eyes (This is my favourite part)

1) Apply brown eyeshadow on your lids and dark brown eyeshadow on the crease and smudge gently.

Light brown eyeshadowfrom

Dark brown eyeshadow by go-minerals(

2) Apply two coats of voluminous mascara to the top and bottom lashes.

Loreal Paris   voluminous mascara at

3) Finish the job with a spot of silver highlighter in the inner corners of your eyes and on the brow bone.

Silver shimmer ighlighter from

How Do We Do Lips

1)Dab on some lip balm, exfoliate them to get rid of dead skin if any.

Lip balm from

2) Gently apply the marsala or oxblood colour matte lipstick.

Matte marsala lipstick from


3) Press the lips gently between the lips to remove extra lipstick and brace yourself up for this audacious yet elegant look.


Macquillage Tip: Swap the dark shade lipstick with lighter shade ignorer to keep it low key affair, if going for a work then limit the lips to tinted lip balm.





Hi I am back with a post which many of you are familiar with or read before. But after waiting for so long I too want to write about these wardrobe must haves which in my opinion are very much essential in your pretty wardrobe and they should be part of your fashion system. Wardrobe must haves actually plays very integral part in building an ideal fashion sequence of dressing. A good wardrobe should contain certain essential to ensure that you’re always well- turned out for  any occasion. And there are  few extremely beautiful pieces present in our fashion industry which in my opinion are actual ‘Must Haves’. So without wasting any more time let me start with these beautiful pieces which creates wonders to our wardrobes.



A very stylish well-fitting jacket that enhances one’s personality is right on the top of my list of wardrobe essentials. It can be Pure leather, Denim, Black and Blingy jackets, striped jackets or blazers in the same material. These are very much required in your closets to make yourself chic and super comfortable at the same time.

Denim jacket from

It never makes your look over the top because of its cuts and silhouettes , it can generously highlight your curve which all of us want happily! and also make you look voluptuous if you are thin and can also add some height , especially long jackets if you want to look tall. A jacket or two will always complement your look so if not many at least have couple of jackets in your wardrobe and try it differently at different occasions.

Leather Jacket from Helmut Lang



It is one of the most simple, compact( as you can keep it in your bag too) must have for your wardrobe, a floral or animal print stole can be wrapped around your neck or hand bag or can be wear as bandana. Just one beautiful printed stole and there are number of ways you can wear it according to the occasion you’ve planned for!

Gucci Printed Stole



Another addition in my opinion to you wardrobe is an incredible shirt or top with embellished collar. This looks beautiful in any shade but looks its best when we have embellished collar on pure white shirt or top.This one piece of garment you can wear for both formal or informal occasions. Compliment this with pencil skirt or simply with formal flared trousers or you can opt for a casual look by combining it with a frayed denim or boyfriend jeans for that casual lunch date. This amazing piece of garment should be your must have this summer.

Embellished Collar top from



Oh yes I know! you have heard about these heels numerous times before, but tell me how can I forget to add this incredible pair of shoes which comes au naturale! This is must “must” have to complete the circuit of extraordinary wardrobe, as it goes stunningly beautiful with darker shades like marsala or navy blue and even go better with soft shades or with pastels, even you can opt for monochromatic look and keep it all nude from head to toe.  It is the best shade to mute the attention from anything that takes away from the outfit. It looks so chic with short dresses, should have one!

Nude heels from



Any look is incomplete without a splash of little fragrance or a good perfume. So in order to fulfill this wish have a nice and cute travel set for perfume in which they have miniatures of big branded  perfumes which you can easily keep in your bag and carry along wherever you go, with just a little tint behind your neck and on your wrists will do wonders. This summer go floral , earthy, woody or fruit inspired fragrance just to create the air of that sweet smelling substance all around you. So to engender pleasant beautiful aroma to your body wherever you go this summer:) get yourself soaked in the thing called Parfum!!

beautiful travel perfume set by


This summer go for the elaborated wardrobe by adding these few pieces to your closet, Happy summers!



As they say purple is one of the beautiful colour of the spectrum and you can’t go wrong with purple ever, this colour have a certain kind of uniqueness to it. So it’s all up to you whether you want this colour discretely or you want to splash the whole canvas with it. So keeping this in mind, I would love to share this beautiful makeup trend which you people love to try for an upcoming event or just to enjoy spring season of full bloom ; so try out on a make up do by using the colour purple and become head turners for the day!!

So in few simple steps we can achieve this glooming purple look, so..gear up girls for the try out!!


Any good papaya scrub, foundation, concealer, peach-toned blush, highlighter, light brown eyeshadow, peach- toned eyeshadow, shimmery purple eyeshadow, voluminous mascara and lip balm.


1) First of all exfoliate your skin with any scrub as I personally opt for a papaya scrub to get rid of any dirt.


2) Apply foundation to even out your skin tone.

3) In the shape of triangle apply concealer under your eyes and blend well to hide dark circles.

4) You can hide any blemishes or imperfections too by using concealer.


1) On the apple of your cheeks apply peach -toned blush.

2) Use a powder to contour your face, using the shade just below your cheek bones and your jawline.

3) Follow with a highlighter on the highest points of your face like tip of your cheek bones and nose.


1) Dust some light brown eyeshadow onto your lids as a base.

2) Apply a shimmery purple  eyeshadow on the inner corners of your eyes to make them pop.

3) Finish it off with voluminous mascara.


1) Use pumping lip balm to hydrate your lips.


2) Follow it with purple lipstick.

3) This will diffuse the shade slightly giving it a lived- in look, while also setting it in place.

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Hi all you know after blogging for fashion apparel and beauty sometimes in the middle.. I love to blog about beautiful accessories of fashion which we ladies can’t live without! So, to brush up our memories a little bit I will love to talk about an amazing accessory we have around which is none other than an amazing pair of earrings for our very beautiful ears.

This elementary piece of earrings is a very unique which unlike other earrings rub off to your shoulder, that’s why more commonly it is know as shoulder dusters. This is very much statement piece of jewellery which completes the whole look along with extremely chic and effortless all in all.

In order to flaunt this unique style of earrings all you need is to buy a beautiful pair of earrings long enough to touch down till your shoulder length. As I said earlier this is a statement earring so this ends up a search of any other jewellery piece to accompany with as this beautiful accessory shout out loud for itself. Don’t bother about the fashion police after gorging on them as they look fabulous with any outfit yes… any!!

Before trying them I had my doubts about them as they look gorgeous in a store but buying them and actually wearing them was something I was doubtful about! but girls they look amazing after wearing and takes up the fashion quotient to the new level and rocked the whole look.

So whether it is going out with your girl gang or a party with friends and family or just having an amazing date night you should give them a try and can add a little edge to your occasional look. They are perfect to make a splashing look and all that dramatic appeal you always want to create with the accessories.

There are variety of earrings to opt from as you can go for tea drop or pom pom special or an art inspired sculpted pieces. The most trending these days is a tassel earring which can be easily spotted by various celebrities at various jaunts. So girls show some love toward this incredible statement earring and let them dust off your shoulder a little bit, get these beauties now and complement your outfit with them before any one else does!!

Style Cap: Team up these earrings with less embellished top or dress from the neck. They look best while wearing off the shoulder or one-sholuder dresses or tops.

PS: Thank you for the,,,



Hi everybody, today’s blog post is about one of the wardrobe must have and this is none other than our most favourite Trench Coat. It is all about getting yourself a nice trench and levelling up your ability to top up the fashion game. As little bit winters are still going on in some parts of the world and here I am talking about trenches for the monsoon season, see… I’ve started missing rains already.Whenever we talk about outerwear it’s all about jackets, blazers, long coats and ten other options but nothing can beat the look and feel of trench coats.

The name come from its origin as a coat used by British troops in WWⅠ in connection with trench warfare. Invention of the trench coat is claimed by two British luxury clothing manufacturer. Burberry and Aquasuctum, Thomas Burberry invented gabardine fabric in 1879 and submitted a design from an army officer’s raincoat to the UK war office in1901. The trench coat was typically worn as a wind breaker or as a rain jacket.The trench coats have still remained fashionable in the decades following WWⅡ and shows this influencing in its styling.

Burberry trench coat

A typical trench coat is a ten-buttoned, double-breasted long coat made with tan, black, khaki or beige coloured fabric. It is a raincoat made up of waterproof heavy -duty cotton gabardine drill leather. Nowadays it is available in other fabrics too. The coat is belted at the waist with a self belt, as well as having straps around the wrist that also buckle.


Khaki green trench coat (

We should have at least one trench coat to be a part our exquisite wardrobes, specifically for the countries which are more prone to monsoons or rainy weather moreover it transforms the overall personality of the wearer. Trenches are the best for your work atmosphere too as it can easily manage the fluctuating temperatures, as you can easily wear it inside as well as outside too.

Leather fabric pale coloured trench coat (

Style Cap: To style the trench coat (preferably beige) I would suggest to team up this beautiful piece of garment with a nice crisp striped shirt and for the bottom a dark shade midi skirt along with metallic colourful sequinned gauze clutch and sneakers to pump up the whole ensemble.

Outfit styling by Sweat Gupta at shop

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Who wants to be opulent , who wants to be ritzy, well all of us; at some point to fulfil our fashion hunger of looking posh and wanna be. But to define the luxe in fashion is not complete until we talk about the prime combination of luxe, which is of black and gold.

Well, to start with black, it is one of the darkest shade, the result of the absence or complete absorption of visible light. There is some kind of debate whether black in luxe is a colour or a kind of shade, though shade is scientifically proven. cocktail party black dress

In the 14th century it began to be worn by royalty, the clergy, judges and government officials in much of Europe. It became the colour worn by English romantic poets, businessmen and statesmen in the 19th century, and a high fashion colour in 20th century. The wealth bankers and merchants of Northern Italy responded by changing to black robes and gowns, made with the most expensive fabrics. black and gold party dress

Women fashions are revolutionised and simplified in 1926 by the French designer Coco Chanel, who published a drawing of a simple black dress in vogue and from there it sustains into the fashion industry till date and from the most important part in making dressing luxurious. But the this alone is not contributing to complete the full circle it has to mix with gold to achieve that luxe effect!!

river island gold and black pleated midi dress

Great human achievements are frequently rewarded with gold, in the form of medals and trophies and other decorations. Gold is associated with perfect principles and so this is the root cause of considering gold as the top-notch luxe partner.

statement necklace

So amalgamation of both the beautiful shades will create wonders and make you to rock the luxe appeal. This decadent gold when mix with luscious black will break all the barriers of mundane culture and make you enter the luxury club.

black and gold shoes

aprodite black clutch

This luxurious combo will never fail to impress , so guys check in the opulent club and be a member to experience luxe. Go for beautiful and chic jumpsuit or LBD and accessorise them with chunky gold jewellery especially statement pieces to give that luxe look.

chains of love

Style Cap: To attain divinity in this look go for an all black luxe dress and combine it with a dainty gold accessories or jewellery and plan for a perfect night out.