” A dream doesn’t become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work”- Collin Powell


Hey spectacular people all over the world, today my special mention is to the working folks as this post is all about fashion at your work place. It is not just about any formal fashion, it goes around adding or trying classic pieces of  garment or an accessory to enhance your corporate wardrobe. The items you already have in your wardrobe since ages.

    Classic White Button -Down Shirt


                   Classic Black Trousers

In the 21st century, the style has also made a huge impact on the fashion industry. Workwear has not so just become a style of clothes that has been adopted by the hipster subculture, but a culture and way of life in this particular community.

                                     1980s corporate wear


                  1980s corporate wear

Dressing like a boss at your concern always build relationship in your favour, styling yourself aptly will create major difference in your work culture, because what you choose to wear is no doubt a prime example of indirect communication as fashion can make or break impressions. Yes it really do! I had my own experiences for that, trust me dressing do create a lot of waves at some occasions and in my opinion work place tops the list.

                         Beige Windsor Dress

In this blog I would like to spread some light on those vintage pieces of our wardrobe which are just sitting idle in our closet and waiting for you to get them out and give these chunks new era to live. Beautiful and modish quintessential piece of garment or accessory with sharp contrast and clever details have made dressing up for work more fun!

                    Jewelled Blazers

Combine beautiful jewelled blazers with blended pencil skirt or polyester bright coloured tie- neck blouse with classic black trousers. Houndstooth jacket is so much fun at work place or accessorise your cut-out faux leather belt with vintage watch will do the needful. A nice pressed button-upshirt with knee length skirts look elegant and to the point for your work atmosphere. Always remember an oversized jewellery with light make–up is key to success. Go for classic mid-colour or neutral dresses with low heel.

               Jewelled Collared Blazer (

                                 Neutral shades

                          Bell-bottoms pants

Do remember to keep this old world charm to your  office with a little edge. Without going wrong this classic style gives you more power and wit to reach for your goals. We love it the way or the other so guys don’t dump your classics for subsequent fashion and can sometime give your white shirt and black trousseau a nice try in office.

             Modern Working On Classics( created by sweta gupta)


Style Cap: Avoid showing cleavage or too deep necklines and tanks also hems just several inches above the knee. Collared shirts means business.

” Choose a job you love and you will never have to work in your life”- Conficus


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“Red is the great clarifier bright and revealing. I can’t imagine becoming bored with red- it would be like becoming bored with the person you love”- Diana Vreeland

Hi there, how about talking Red, as it is indeed the colour of the season because most of us are waiting for the Valentine’s Day. I may have time but unfortunately doesn’t have enough space to write at length regarding this audacious colour which depicts love, passion, desire, heat, longing, lust, sexuality, sensitivity, romance, joy, strength, leadership, courage, vigor, will-power, rage, anger, danger, malice, wrath, stress, action, vibrance, radiance and determination phew!! I know there are others too but I am going to focus only on one of my favourites. Red colour.Dating back to 15,000 years prove that red colour was primarily used in that period. According to the ancient history, in Egypt, red was associated with life, health, and victory. Egyptians would colour themselves with red ochre during celebrations. Red ochre was widely used as a pigment for wall paintings, particularly as the skin colour of men.

Red is used in modern fashion much as it was used in Medieval painting; to attract the eyes of the viewer to the person who is supposed to be the center of attention. People wearing red seem to be closer than those dressed in other colors, even if they are actually the same distance away.

Monarchs, wives of Presidential candidates and other celebrities often wear red to be visible from a distance in a crowd. It is also commonly worn by lifeguards and others whose job requires them to be easily found. In classic Rome, the most powerful men are called the Coccinati, meaning the “ones who wear red”

Red is the colour most commonly associated with love, followed at a great distance by pink. It the symbolic color of the heart and the red rose, is closely associated with romantic love or country love and Saint Valentine’s Day.

Each year on February14th, many people exchange cards, candy, gifts or flowers( most of them are red in colour)with their special “valentine.” The day of romance we call Valentine’s Day is named for a Christian martyr and dates back to the 5thcentury, but has origins in the Roman holiday Lupercalia. But these days we celebrate Valentines day in slightly different manner as we spend quality time with a loved one. Go out to a nice restaurant or create a special dinner. Make a homemade card (especially in red) for someone. The card will have more meaning to it if it’s created by you instead of buying a card from a store.Valentine’s Day Roses. Rose is one of the most popular flower (especially red rose) and one of the most powerful symbol of Valentine’s Day.Valentine’s Day Hearts. Red heart pierced by the Cupid’s arrow is a traditional symbol of Valentine’s Day. Think of candy, chocolate, or sweets and you are ready to please your Valentine.


Red in fashion rule the ramp throughout the year, it is one such colour which takeover one’s imagination and can create wonders. As they say red is not the colour of outside, it is the colour of inside too!! I appreciate this colour all the year through and love to wear any which way, whether it is a beautiful red dress, or top, beautiful accessories like red bag, shoes or just anything in this beautiful colour.



Associated with an aristocratic excess, red is the fashion code for all seasons. Red makes a strong visual impact in the collections of designers, and fashionistas. Powerful and exciting, it can make a statement without doing anything. The hue complements almost all skin tones. Wearing red makes a bold statement that the wearer is in charge, and is full of excitement.


Be it fashion apparels or other fashion accessories, alluring shades of red run deep, charming people into the mix. Not only in fashion but this brings vibrancy to red decor or red theme too.


And yes, how can we not talk about beautiful, bold red lips. Luscious red lips are always talk of the town. In my opinion red lips can never go wrong, they always marks a presence whenever you wear them. And that similarly applies to the red nails also!!



Don’t wait and grab a hottest piece of this shade and add power to your wardrobe as this is considered to be one of the zealot shade.

Amp your wardrobe quotient with the shade Red and rock it!


Style Cap: Red looks eternal when wear with Black. So combine these two unique shades of the universe and rule the world. Red on red also gives the fuller feel to this extraordinary shade, so you can try that too.

“Bright reds, Scarlet pillar, box red, crimson or cherry are very cheerful and youthful. There is certainly a red for everyone”- Christian Dior





” I think there are two aspects of ageing: there is the physical side and what’s happening inside”- Rachel Weisz


I always believe in ageing gracefully rather than going under the knife… oh no not at all, that is just not my cup of tea. So here are some very simple routine that we can include in our daily regime and can confront the signs of ageing and can help you look impeccable. Here are some great supposed health benefits food which will always keep you young and kicking. In this post I focus on the virtues of these superfoods while applying them and not eating them actually!


Kale is no doubt a powerful source of Vitamin A, C and K and when applied directly to the skin. It can reduce pigmentation, sun damage and other signs of ageing. A handful of kale will keep your skin happy and hydrated and will keep dry skin or chronically dry skin at bay.
How We Use It: Add honey and water to kale, and mix it in a blender, use strainer to separate a green juice. Apply this green liquid on your face for 5-10 minutes. Let it dry and wash off cool water.


Essential nutrients like phosphorus, zinc, magnesium and Vitamin A make this superfood brilliantly useful, its texture gives it exfoliating powers.

How We Use It: Mix Quinoa and water bring it to a boil. Cook for about 15 minutes. Add yoghurt and honey after cooling it down. U se this mixture as a scrub and rinse it off with warm water. Massage it on your skin using upward motions.


It contains Vitamin A and C, besides bring rich in iron and antioxidants, they have everything you need to fight the signs of ageing.

How We Use It: Let Goji Berries soak in water for about 15 minutes. Mash the berries, add honey to the pulp and mix well. Apply this paste on your face for 15 minutes and wash it off.

” All of my friends are of my age and we are all ageing at the same time. We talk about it and moan, but it doesn’t bother me”- Claudia Schiffer




Hi girls, let’s talk about our beautiful hair this time, which we always want to style different everyday. Yes, literally everyday but I know that it is not as easy as it looks but still we can make it happen! Hair is an integral part of our life and whenever it comes to style them we need to try different approaches it is just not one to rest upon. So in this blog post I am going to have a stiff fight between Sleek Pony and Blown Out look and ask you pleasing people out there to ballot for the style you applaud right now:)

So are you going to keep up the volume of your hair or keep it super sleek!! Think and try.

Both of these styles are absolutely unique in them, and complement according to the jaunt or occasion.

Sleek Pony is more of a debonair and ultra-fine hair style whereas Blown out is kind of free spirited and valiant hair style. In my opinion we should try both the styles at continual intervals and can look different whenever we want!

Lets talk about SLEEK PONY first:

What Do We Need: Hair serum, a rubber-band, shine boosting shampoo and hair volumizer.

How Do We Do It:

1) To get this look add hair serum of good quality to damp hair.

2) Sweep all your hair to one side and fix it with a rubber band just behind your ear.

3) With a flat iron, straighten out the kinks in the loose hair or rub on some shine serum on your crown to control any fly-aways.

4) This side -swept Sleek Pony tail is considerable for an elaborate night out.


Now Lets talk about BLOWN OUT:

What Do We Need: Super thick volumizer, curl enhancing hair mousse and a round hair brush. Nothing much to look like a million bucks!!

How Do We Do It:

1) To achieve this look, spritz a volumizing product on the roots of your hair.

2) Using a huge round brush, pull your hair upwards while drying for maximum volume.

3) Finish with a small dollops of mousse at the ends.

4) Blow out hair intensify the volume and make your look sophisticated and chic.


So peeps, vote and choose for your favourite hairstyle and go convivial.

I am going to keep on writing posts on hair/make-ups and will ask for your opinions and polls. So folks stay tuned for more posts in future.


PS: Thanks for the images:,,, cute hairstyles for girls



“My six favourite textures for fall and winter are leather, fur, tweed, mohair, velvet and wool. I love that they are all as warm as they are fashionable and easy to incorporate into your wardrobe”- Nina Garcia

Hi pretty girls who wants a component of royalty in their wardrobes, I want; because having this plush piece of cloth in my closet amp my fashion game and this one piece known as to be Velvet. This is a fabric which is not meant to wear all year long, as this is a cloth for cold climate, this can’t go very well in hot and humid weather. Whenever it comes to velvet regal feel comes to my mind which no other fabric has.


Velvet is a type of woven tuffted fabric in which the cut threads are evenly distributed, with a short dense pile, giving it a distinctive soft feel. This fabric has often been associated with nobility. Cairo was the world’s largest producer of velvet.Velvet can be made from several different kinds of fibers, traditionally, the most expensive of which is silk. Much of the velvet sold today as “silk velvet” is actually a mix of rayon and silk.Velvet made entirely from silk is rare and usually has market prices of several hundred US dollars per yard.


Velvet is capturing hearts everywhere and is now taking fashion runways by storm, it is trending fashion of 2017 which according to trend setters will continue in 2018 too.

Velvet is opulent, rich and very royal fabric which adds luxury to your appearance and makes any outfit uber luxurious.VELVET, a silken textile fabric having a short dense piled surface. In all probability the art of velvet-weaving originated in the Far East; and it is not till about the beginning of the 14th century that we find any mention of the textile. The peculiar properties of velvet, the splendid yet softened depth of dye-colour it exhibited, at once marked it out as a fit material for pastoral vestments, royal and state robes, and sumptuous hangings; and the most magnificent textures of medieval times were Italian velvets.

There are varieties of velvet such as Crushed, Embossed, Hammered, Lyons, Panne, Velveteen, Pile -on-Pile or Utrecht.There are tons of affordable options you can even afford it at the price of $50 or less. From velvet jumpsuits, pants, skirts, camisoles to velvet accessories like clutches or velvet bags or shoes pick any piece and indulge yourself in a bit of royalty by adorning this fine fabric.


Make sure to have key velvet pieces that will keep you ahead of the curve in style. Minimalist pieces like velvet choker can do miracles too. So go girls grab a look for your royal self and add that palatial effect!


Style Cap: Try to layer your velvet pieces with other textures to add more drama. For that plush look style your velvet dress with velvet booties and textured robe jacket.

“Plush velvet conjures up Kings and Opulence”- Roger Stone



” If you wear short skirt you get your feminity back”- Heather Mills

Hello pretty ladies, how are you all once again I am back with a post on one of the wardrobe’s indispensable garment piece which is not only comfortable, versatile and effortless but also very much universally accepted. I am talking about none other than our most favourite Skater Skirt.

Skater skirt is such an endearing looking skirt that never disappoint to impress our fashion craving. These skirts are mostly fall in the category of rare avis, congenial fashion which goes very well with the light weight knits with luxe add ons.

This skater skirt can be layered with jackets or a cardigan to keep it warm when it is bit breezy. This one exclusive skirt looks flattering and works on every single body type.

Introduced by designers in 1967 as riposte to very short mini skirts. Skater skirt, a short , high waisted circle skirt with a hemline above the knee, often made of lighter materials to give the flowing effect that caricature the skirt of figure skaters.

Just because it is winter doesn’t mean you have to give up wearing your treasured skirt. You can try them out along with cozy scarves, quintessential coat or leather jackets; and yes some warm tights and boots will do the rest of the magic to stylishly bundle you to complete the whole look for your chilling winter outing.

This dear piece of our wardrobe is equitable good for both casual or chic look. This can be our best-loved skirt for both summers and for winters. So better get one and start applauding your body. Have fun with this cute and alluring skater skirt trying various winter accessories and give thrills to the chills!!

Style Cap: Go for a nice and bright macro-floral printed skater skirt with lightweight knits. Finish up the look with leather accessories and mirrored sunglasses. As I have shown in my polyvore set.

“I liked my skirts short because I wanted to run and catch the bus to get to work”- Mary Quant




“All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn’t hurt”- Charles. M. Schultz


Hi sweet people of the world! Sweet people because obviously you all are so sweet and other reason for this much sweetness is because today’s post is about having a sweet tooth in fashion or in other words having a love for chocolate colour palette. Just in case you can’t get enough of eating chocolates, you can wear it!


To know more let’s go back in mid-eighteenth century British colonial commerce; chocolate appears as a colour. It is not meant something to eat or drink initially but to wear. I am not talking about Brown colour here, chocolate means chocolate.


Chocolate could say something in clothing in that society. It had not marked quite in that way before. Some people considered it brown, but it did not maintain a consistent place in eighteenth century colour schemes. Therefore colour chocolate in particular, helped define turning points from the splendid to the conventional, the sublime to mundane, and for this reason it offer us a way to profoundly understand personal choices and public personas.


Chocolate colour clothing has absolutely different standards( I am not talking about Brown here, it is just another shade; yes it is!). It is not only a versatile colour that will flatter all skin tones, but also really pop and make most of your look brilliant when paired with gold, beige, cream, green or yellow accessories.

No doubt this colour legit feels like a real warm hug from your favourite person or drinking a hot chocolate milk in winters. So ladies grab season’s special colour for your wardrobe. Go for chocolate suede dress or cotton blend parka with hoodie, or chocolate hand bag along with suede chocolate boots!!Feels yummy!! And to amp you summer cocoa palette go for some nice chocolate colour frilled dress or nice cocoa camisole or best you can do is have a nice chocolate colour palazzo with cream top or beige topwear!!


Style Cap: To amp your chocolate quotient add a modern edge to your overall chocolate look with metallic accessories. As I have done it in the set above(polyvore set).


“When it comes to chocolate resistance is futile”- Regina Brett