” I like looking feminine and I enjoy being a role model. I enjoy being a woman. It all comes down to having the confidence to be who you are”- Cathy Freeman


Hi pretty ladies all this blog post dedicates to the feminism across the world. I respect, adore and salute the womanliness in each one of us. Feminism brings love, beauty, passion, delicacy, sympathy, quickness and intuitions. We are very lucky to be a women this is the deepest experience of the creator so far. So in reference to my blog post of pink fashion and feminism whoever said romance is dead has not seen the latest catwalks. So go and show your wardrobe some love and invest in all things flirty and feminine.



The front rows have been flush with romantic spring/summer 2018 offerings from the designers like Erdem, Preen, Christopher Kane, Roksanda, JW Anderson, Gucci and many more. Pink is in, pink is cool and there 1000 million ways to wear it! This always makes me remember my early girly days and will always remain my number one hue entire my life.

Pink is a huge unapologetic colour trend.. we love it soft, we love it bright, we love it in anyway whether it is blush blush pink or pop art pink we love it when it is prom queen pink or bad bitch pink we adore it when it is norm core pink or it is never too much pink we always hug this trend whether it is bygone pink or milk it pink we love pink colour we just do!!

Pink rocks!! period! this colour put womanliness and feminism on display in an unmissable way. However, summer is the best time to adore this colour trend but who cares:) when there is a wide variety of beautiful pink dresses, coats and jackets are there in the winter stock! I am going to grab one for sure:) I know winters are approaching but still can’t stop myself writing this post about this surely girly colour which all of us heart it! You can choose from apparel to accessories all in pink ta-da!!


Think Pink, live pink, drink pink, eat pink, pink is all around and all around is pink!! There is never too much pink for us. so whether it is pink georgette, pink cotton dress or jersey tank, pink off shoulder blouse, pink pumps, pink trousers or just pink watch you can go for anything… pink!


Style Cap: Pink is very feminine and flirtatious in nature so go and play with it up to any extreme. You know we all are barbie girl in our barbie world:)


“I really want make clothes that are feminine and help women look beautiful”- Gianni Versace

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“My favourite Hepburn moment is in ‘Sabrina’, when she steps off a beat in white shorts and a plaid shirt. Chic, classy and unfussy”-Emillia Clarke


Hello everybody, the winter is just knocking at the door and we love winters so much which gets us close to Christmas…:) so give warmth to your wardrobe and pull your socks up for chilling cold outside. No matter, drip your diamonds all over your hardworking checks to up your glam quotient with this one literal piece of fashion known as ‘Plaid’.

I am totally mad about this plaid trend, as this timeless print is on fire from miniskirt to pants, oversized coats to statement coats. Do you know Tartan is particularly associated with Scotland, Scottish Kilts almost have tartan pattern, ‘Tartan’ is often called ‘Plaid’ in North America.


I love plaid flannel shirt, the plaid flannel shirt became the unofficial symbol of the grunge movement in the early 1990s. A full plaid, a cloth made with a tartan pattern, this plaid shirt is typically made of flannel and worn during winters. Tartan or plaid associated mostly with Scottish culture is a woven cloth consisting of criss-crossed patterns and vertical bands in variety of colour.
This is often seen in Scottish Kilts, bag pipes and other fashions. These are made up of two parts, a warp( vertical stripes) and weft(horizontal stripes).


So the conclusion from plaid’s historical roller coaster comes.. no matter the decade is designers adores this cross -hatched pattern. No matter what your style is, plaid can be the perfect print to help you pull your entire look together.


So go and found new ways to wear your plaid pieces for entirely new look. Pair a tartan top with leather pants, or pull on tall boots with a plaid dress. Do tapered trouser high heeled tartan pumps because there is something irresistibly naughty about this plaid thing. Go for very much trending plaid dresses, cropped jackets, trousers, tunics, skirts anything from apparel to accessories.


Style Cap: Try buffalo plaid baby doll dress with black stockings and black ankle boots this winter. A mens-wear inspired watch will add instant polish to your look.



“I’ve always worn a lot of Ralph Lauren, and plaid shirts in general have been a signature piece for me.With plaid, you can look super relaxed or you can look a bit dressed up”-Avicii



“It’s so funny whenever things come full circle”-Swoosie Kurtz


Hey pretty girls out here, everyone loves to dress up in beautiful outfits but what is an outfit without a beautiful jewellery? So here I am posting today about one vital jewellery piece out of whole lot we got and that is a nice and trendy pair of earrings and if it is a pair of hoops, then what’s better than that!! I am sold to these powerful full circle whenever I see them. Everyone should have this chunky, quirky and powerful piece of jewellery, I just adore them to the moon and back.

Hoop earrings are back on the scene I think they never get unnoticed. Whenever I wear them it is always WOW!! kind of reactions I experience from people around me they can’t take their eyes off from this sturdy piece of jewellery. This style is suitable for any earring wearer; these are true statement pieces to amp your glam quotient and add an extra pop to your accessories collection.

I found the secret message written on them loud and clear and it is”Go Big Or Go Home”. These circular stunners are very popular with celebs or social media influencers. They’ve seen more light back in the late 80s/early 90s, they actually ruled as major fashion accessory. Size Does Matter.

The best part of this beautiful piece is that you can easily pair them with almost anything; from peasant blouse to maxi dress to band tees, you can wear them with swimsuit while on the shores. So basically hoops proves they’re a classic statement chunk that anyone and everyone can rock. With their circular shape they are more relevant in defining facial features. From big gold ones to smaller silver varieties or round hoop; also other designs feature rhinestones, twists and even chains. So go and better try this throw back trend and I know you’ll nail it.

Style Cap: Shoulder sweeping hoops for collared tops and dresses, medium sized go best with off the shoulder pieces and tiny hoops are best paired with headbands and shades.


“I love having my hoop earrings. Just regular gold hoops”-Becky G


“The ’60s had edge; the ’70s had embroidery”- Gina Barreca

Hello people how are you’ll, today I am posting about the street style trend which have something definitely interesting to talk about. Yes, I am talking about the jacket trend which is just not an ordinary jacket trend it is about the embroidered one. Embroidered jacket is all about statement making colours and outstanding detailing.

Embroidery is the handicraft of decorating fabric or other materials with needle and thread or yarn. Who don’t need a nice embroidered jacket, I want one, after all it deserves ‘essential piece’ status in our wardrobes. The origin of embroidery can be traced back to Ancient China, where they would take use of various hand sewing techniques to patch, mend or decorate their clothing. Today, there is resurgence in embroidery within the fashion world with high end designers plus you can also see street style on various celebrities endorsing this beautiful trend with so much comfort. It is no doubt a comfortable piece of cloth with an edge to it.



I sometimes think of wearing my embroidered jacket on an occasion like music concerts or a night out with my girl gang, there is something unique about this jacket that we can’t quiet put our finger on. So guys to amp your wardrobe quotient you actually need one!


You can style your piece with metallic skirts, skinny jeans, pair of pants or with beautiful aztec print shorts( to breathe that boho). Indie embroidery is an example of smart tailoring for winning over any combination. Actually it is best of both the worlds in one spiffy jacket.

Style Cap: For my version of embroidered jacket, go for a white jacket base with colourful embroidery and combine it with nice printed top and boho print shorts, accessorise with gypsy ornaments and there you go!

“The fall couture presentations in Paris are usually my favourite moment on the fashion calendar; beautiful weather; a busy rather than manic schedule, and let’s face it seeing the artistry, the embroidery, and handmade magnificience that goes into every dress”- Elisabeth Von Thurn Und Taxis


” Everyday I like to wake up and remind myself to be grateful of the simple things”-Miranda Kerr

Hi pretty girls out there, I believe prettiness is the quality women are born with. Do you all agree?
Well, in this post let’s take a break from lush lush make-up and go for something simple.
The make-up trend I am going to talk about in this post is Simply Soft. As the name suggests this do is really effortless and add pampered vibes to your overall look.

What Do We Need: Primer, Foundation, Nude blush, mascara, nude eyeshadow, simple kohl pencil, nude or orange lip gloss that’s it and few drops of hairstyling serum.

How Do We Do It:
1: Apply primer to your face and blend in some foundation.
2: Let’s apply nude blush to the apple of your cheeks just a kiss of blush.
3: Neatly rimmed your eyes with kohl pencil, the right touch of mascara and nude eyeshadow to match.
4: Keep things understated and classy.
5: For those beautiful tresses of yours the simple half up-half down frames well(as shown in sketch, please ignore my bad sketch skills I am working on it!!)
6: Your dazzling smile is the only accessory you can wear with this look:)

Macquillage Tip: Comb your hair before the do. You may have a great skin but little natural simply soft make-up never hurts!!

“I just find myself happy with the simple things. Appreciating the blessings God gave me”-DMX



“Let a hundred flower bloom”- Mao Zedong

I love accessories in fashion, I really admire them and believe that these beautiful pieces plays vital part in your overall appearance, actually these tiny little beauties plays equally visible role when it comes to enhance your fashion point.

Today I am going to share this post about beautiful hair accessories.
Whenever you plan for a garden parties, sundowners, tea-parties or any floral theme get together these beautiful floral tiaras, bejewelled hair accessories and kitchy bandanas will definitely a star of the event as this one thing reflects the whole theme and complete your look!!


One can easily have a love affair with these floral crowns, these beautiful blooming, bright and beaming hair wreaths which are popular style at solstice, beach parties, bbqs and weddings and these surely keeps us inspired to get these awesome head toppers throughout the festivities.


We have beautiful blooming creations to opt from whether it is satin rose corsage hairband, big crystal hair accessory, floral print head bandanas, crystal encrusted headbands, crystal studded metal hair clips or pearl and crystal brooches, choose any of them and become instant princess of your own world!!


These gorgeous garlands have been spotted on celebrities, style stars and real gals like us!! you know what’s the best part of these head toppers are; that you DIY them at home with lots of creativity and little fuss. Let’s celebrate the most romantic spring trend with beautiful elegant dress.

Style Cap: Try to pull up your hair into beautiful hair style and take it to another level by adding these beautiful charms. You can try a bun for crystal brooches or let the hair open for encrusted hairband.

“May my soul bloom in love for all existence”- Rudolf Steiner



“Wherever you go, no matter what the weather, always bring your own sunshine”- Anthony J.D Angelo

Hey pretty girls, let’s walk in the warm sunshine and relax for a while. For me sunshine is special someone or something that gives warmth in your life or makes your world brighter. In this post I am referring to some beautiful wardrobe pieces which bring some light and heat that comes from the sun, these hues from sun beams makes our day lighter and brighter. When it comes to play safe all of us usually wear clothes those are subtle and neutral, but this is not about colourful clothes at all its about hues displaying sunny shades like yellowish or orange-ish which play major wardrobe essentials at one point of time.





Go get them and slay that sunshine look which makes you talk of the town!! I know I know winters are approaching but still we can have something to wear in cold weather for that outstanding look. Grab the look for beautiful, shiny, sunny and warm day which keeps you warm and cosy. These are really happy pieces of your wardrobe and be prepared to have some fun in the sun with them.
Amp your wardrobe quotient with full vibrant colours like Poppy Red, Hot Yellow and many more.


Opt for a nice Orange Pant Suit, top, polyester blend Orange and Poppy red shift dress, a nice Skater dress or beautiful sunflower print blouse, hot yellow suede heels. So move beyond blacks and neutrals and embrace the season’s sunshine hues, as sun provides light and warmth these hues gives happiness, brightness and cheerfulness!!


Style Cap: Go for bright orange to attain bold new upgrade. Don’t contrast! go for complete sun shine look by matching everything, it looks cool sometimes, because a day without sunshine is you know, night.

“Just living is not enough…one must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower”- Hans Christian Andersen